Becky's role in my business is irreplaceable. She is patient and thorough with great communication, which are qualities I need in an editor. She has always made herself available and is truly a wonderful person to work with. I'm so honored that she takes her time and energy to help me make my patterns clear … Continue reading Amanda Hester-Smith

Amanda Hester-Smith

Designing naturally flowed out from my desire to create, as I could not find a published pattern that matched my vision. I sat down, crunched numbers, made a spreadsheet, worked samples, wrote notes, and frogged. Rinse and repeat. Although I was satisfied with the finished fabric, I knew the written version would need something more … Continue reading Megan Hasley

Megan Hasley

Becky is both thorough and clear when editing patterns. Her feedback was instrumental in clarifying portions of my patterns, and she caught small details that others may have missed. Throughout the whole process, she was professional, kind, and detail-oriented. I would highly recommend her for any future editing purposes and will be working with her … Continue reading Alicia Plummer

Alicia Plummer